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Slovenian Ministry of Defence Public Key Infrastructure (SIMoD-PKI) provides PKI services for the purpose of national defence. SIMoD-PKI operates root certificate authority, subordinate certificate authorities and time stamping authorities.


Allowed usages of digital certificates are:

  • validation of digital signature or
  • encryption or
  • validation of digital signature and encryption.

The digital certificates can be used for security services required at storage or transmission of the electronic data with or without security classification; for the digital signing of files, messages and electronic forms; for the identification of persons and electronic components, which are part of the communication and information system, such as servers, routers, firewalls and directories.


SIMoD-PKI Certificate Policy defines practices followed by certificate authorities, general requirements regarding digital certificates, level of trust for digital certificates, minimal technical characteristics and security levels for the infrastructure of the certificate authorities, obligations and responsibilities of the certificates authorities and obligations of subscribers and relying parties.


SIMoD-PKI is represented by SIMoD-PKI Management Board, address:


                     Ministry of Defence of Slovenia

                     IT and Communication Office

                     SIMoD-PKI Management Board

                     Vojkova cesta 55, 1000 Ljubljana


                     Phone:               386 1 230 5314

                     Fax:                   386 1 471 2701

                     Email:                simod-pki(a)mors.si